Monday, November 30, 2015

Roberto de Vicq

Roberto de Vicq Cumptich is a designer and illustrator from Brazil. He is currently living in New York City. Roberto de Vicq's works are very typographically driven. While his works focused on type, he uses his own unique style to create imagery that relates to the type. We can see the sense of humor in his works. He also published many books such as Bembo's zoo, Number Bug, Words at Play, and Man of Letters. He has a great sensitivity to the typefaces and the ways to use it. For example, the serif typefaces that he used to create his type animals series have interesting and playful characteristics. Moreover, the placement of type fits perfectly in the animal structure.

Another projects, Number Bug, uses similar type treatment. This time he worked with numbers. He explored numerous potentials of the letter's form to create patterns and dimensions.

Roberto de vicq also worked with branding for a restaurant. Mythai is a restaurant for healthy and fast food. It combines two very different ideas. In his logo, you can see a sense of motion provided with the line quality. It remains balance while there are many elements within the logo.In addition, the logo can be viewed upside down.

He also created hand drawn type. In his alphabet book project—A Breast Cancer alphabet. He created series of playful letters on a more serious topic. 
The line quality of the letters is very simple but lively. 

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