Thursday, November 5, 2015

Typography for the Science Lovers

It came to that time again where I began to furiously search for what to post about. There were many things that had to be taken into consideration from whether or not I wanted it to be serious or on a lighter note, to what I found interesting to write about. Finally I settled on something that might pique the interest of a few. Lately I have been following a lot of Indian designers and seeing what their approach was to design and what their certain style was. I came across an article that featured the work of Mumbai based graphic designer Kapil Bhagat. He worked on a project, a clever tribute to the National Science Day in India, that ultimately became typography for scientists.

It reminded me of the project we did in the beginning of the year where we had to illustrate the definition of the word in the word itself. While it might have seemed easy, we didn't realize that a bit of research and thought has to go into something so simple. I thought this project was fun and really showed that typography can really bridge together different interests like art and science. While it can be used for greater and stronger purposes, typography is there just to bring a smile on someones face. On that note...check out the rest of the series here! Enjoy!

This is his work from the Love Wins campaign which can also be found on his website.

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