Monday, November 30, 2015

The Dimensional Typography of Joseph Alessio

The Dimensional Typography of
Joseph Alessio

Typography is commonly linked to advertising design and illustrates a clear message. Typographic illustrator and animator, Joseph Alessio, achieves this through three-dimensional lettering. Dimensional lettering is a combination of sculpture and design. It is hands on, delicately crafted, and tangible. This dimensional lettering places the viewer in the realm of type, rather than having the separation between paper, ink, and human.

Typographic forms created with diverse materials that help convey the message provided by the letterforms themselves, add an additional layer of concept to the viewer. This can be seen in the work “Tools of the Trade” by Joseph Alessio. Creating the typographic phrase with a variety of tools draws the viewer in and unconsciously links the material with the phrase. This was a personal series of hand constructed dimensional lettering, each image containing a different phrase with a similar color palette, based off of DIN typefaces.

The use of gifs throughout design has become increasingly widespread, especially throughout social media. It draws in the viewer, making them believe they are truly in the space. In Joseph Alessio’s “Off the Wall”, he uses blue painters tape to create the phrase “off the wall” on a blank white wall of his apartment. He uses a gif to illustrate time passing. The tape unravels literally off the wall, revealing the blank white wall. The use of a gif in this typographic image can convey a variety of messages to a viewer that wouldn’t necessarily arise if it was just a still image.

Joseph Alessio is a typographic illustrator and animator that focuses on dimensional typography. He uses a variety of unique materials to convey each typographic message and uses gifs to bring his work to life. Dimensional typography grabs the attention of viewers because they can view themselves within the space and eliminates the disconnect commonly drawn with two-dimensional ink on paper.  

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