Thursday, November 12, 2015

Typographic Portraits

Typography has come a long way since its origins in ancient societies. It has been an incredible form of communication throughout history, and it is constantly being improved, modified, and pushed new limits. Originally, typography was used to communicate messages, but now, it can communicate in many different ways.  One of the ways typography is used by artists today is to create image- portraits specifically.

Portraits have also been around since the beginning of civilization. They are able to communicate a lot about a person’s status and emotions in a relatively simple image. Today, many artists combine typography and portraiture to represent specific people.

I find it really interesting to look at these portraits and first see the expression on the subject's face, and then to read some of the words that are making up the image. The face of the person says one thing, and the meaning behind the words add a completely different layer to the story.

Stacy Benson: Self Portrait

DilsJ: Mos Def

Some of these artist don't have their own pages for their work, but it is interesting to look at these portraits of themselves, or their depictions of others in this form of portraiture. 

These posters were 

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