Thursday, September 15, 2011

An appreciation for something that takes years to master.

For as long as I've been crocheting, I've also been dabbling around in calligraphy. It's a similar activity which involves a certain level of patience and an eye for detail. There are also so many different styles for calligraphy to learn, along with developing your own style. As of now I dabble a bit in the Styles of Copperplate and a personalized form of italics.

Over summer break, my Mother's friends were getting married, and they asked me to write the names on their placecards... I HAD A MESS LOAD OF CALMING FUN... do you even call it fun @ that point? It's something that takes a mess load of time, but it's a hobby, that could take you to a special place if done with in the right setting.

Another thing that kept me out and appreciating the world of type would have definitely been Graffiti and street art. I met so many other people passionate about the art this summer, it was just amazing. Also, after watching a mess load of graffiti documentaries, you find out that just like calligraphy, graffiti can also take years of reckless tagging before you get to doing awesome things like pieces and murals

Like Mama always says, "Practice makes perfect", and it's the action of repetition that allows anyone to become better at anything that you do, so repeat something a billion times over!


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