Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daily Drop Cap

Tyler alumna, Jessica Hische started the Daily Drop Cap project in September of 2009, creating a new illustrated drop capital each day. All of the drop caps are available for public use as long as they are not used commercially. The project was complete after she made 12 sets of alphabets. (That's 312 drop caps!) There is also an additional alphabet with each letter designed by a different guest designer.

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  1. Post Typography is a fantastic graphic design studio that produces beautiful designs with smart concepts. One design I found to be jaw-dropping was their cover for the Washington Post's Sunday Outlook section in 2010. The focus was on a political viewpoint between important figures of the Republican and Democratic party that wanted to combine forces to improve government instead of butting heads, so to speak. The way Post Typography conveyed this message was such pure genius that it's hard to explain, so take a look for yourself! (and don't forget to check out their other projects, too!)