Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bureau Bruneau

Bureau Bruneau, a 24 year old designer from Oslo, Norway, specializes in print design ranging from visual identities to packaging and editorial design. The majority of Bureau's work includes type, but perhaps one of the most interesting projects is his "Train Set Typography." 

This self directed project was made from an old train set Bureau found in his grandmother's basement. 
The train tracks offer an easy assembly of straight and even round letters. 

As designers, we look at type faces and see if they are functional and how they communicate visually to our audience. What is interesting about Bureau's Train Set Typography is that he turned a functioning object into a functional readable typeface.  

The idea of crowding the letter forms with trains and extra buildings is concerning with how it may effect the spacing and kerning of certain letters, but in these images, the spacing seems pretty well executed. 

Bureau Bruneau's other work reflects a strong knowledge of type. Check out his other work and portfolio here. 

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