Monday, September 17, 2012

What The Font!?

Everyday, everywhere, especially in the city there is type. How would we know what anything is without it? I would be walking into the women's bathroom everyday. But throughout my daily travels outside and on the internet i see so many amazing typefaces and I just want to collect them all but before I discovered What The Font they would just be memories or bookmarked sites. With that the font you can obtain pretty much any font or something very similar and you don't even need super high res images!

So This is an example of an image I found that I liked the type on and then uploaded to What The Font.  After uploading, the website will then fill in the letters (or most of them) into separate text boxes as you see above. Upon clicking "continue" the website will then search its data bass (which is pretty big considering MyFonts built What The Font) and come up with a complete or very similar match for you!

So Fret no more! Find all the fonts your <3 desires!

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