Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Text as Image

While browsing the Internet, I came across beautiful images that caught my eye. These were no ordinary images, they were entirely made up of text.


A typographic illustration takes ordinary straight font and places it it in a way that is interesting and illustrates an image, movement or expresses a feeling. The way a font is shaped, sized and placed throughout the page makes a big statement. Although the point is to make an image or shape of some sort, you have to be aware of the legibility of the text.

There are endless opportunities to make a unique and exciting typographic illustration. You can play with the sizing of the text or change the fonts. You can also warp text around an object, curving and bending it as well as pulling text together or spreading it apart.

Seeing these types of designs gave me many new wonderful ideas and they inspire me to try things like this for upcoming projects.

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