Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just Google It

I don't know about you guys, but I always get excited to see what the latest Google doodle is. Whenever there is a holiday, a historical figure's birthday, or the Olympics, Google puts out a typographic play on their logo, and often I am impressed with the creativity of some of these "doodles". compiled a list of the 25 best google doodles of all time, and some of them are awesome enough to make you forget what you were looking up.

This one celebrating Les Paul's 96th birthday looks pretty cool, I love the suggestion of the guitar without having to render the entire instrument. The best part though is that you can actually play the typography, which I have never done before (Try it!

This one caught my eye because I love this retro 1950s look, which works perfectly for the 50th anniversary of the first man in space. I love the muted color palette and the geometric letterforms.

Pac Man's 30th anniversary was definitely another successful Google doodle. The use of the letters as elements of the game is clever, and once again this one is interactive! If you "insert coin" you can play the game which is a cool way to interact with typography.

If you want to see the other 22 of Google's best doodles, check out

Also, who knew, but you can just scroll through all of the Google doodles, at

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