Thursday, September 20, 2012

we L O V E typography

We LOVE typography!

I was fumbling around on Pinterest and I found this great website titled "We Love Typography." This website has links to a bunch of other typography websites like or  For instance, has very large collections of serifs, san serifs, slab serifs, decorative, condensed, etc.  You can test drive these fonts for free!  These are not free fonts like the ones on dafont and other free font websites.  You would have to trace the alphabet if you wanted to use these fonts, but they do give you the entire alphabet to test drive, there's just no place to download unless you sign up to the site.  Also, I think this is a good website just to get ideas for different fonts! Maybe you want to try out your hand done type skills and you can use these fonts for inspiration! It's good to look at all different types so you get familiar with what is good type and what is not so good type.  Here are some examples of fonts from this website:

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