Monday, September 24, 2012

Designers of Tumblr

The Designers of Tumblr blog consists of many diffrent design subjects. The blog was created for desingers to have a chance to post their work and be viewed by a large audience. On the blog, I can look for variouse types of inspiratuions on illustration and typography. When looking at the Typogtraphy aspect of the blog, i enjoyed how in many cases the surface the type was on would vary showing t-shirts, buisness cards, posters etc. I found one post this week that particularly caught my attention. The Project was created by a desinger that wanted to portray the feeling of a story they wrot by reading the text and also looking at it as a whole. They a wrote out a story about the relationship on a computer and how you can get lost within it in search of somehting. The artist wrote it all on one page and applied it to a wall. Insted of haveing the story in book form the viewer now gets lost within the text similarly to the character in the book. Alhtough the words in this piece tell the story the artist created, it is how the artis presented the work that really makes the piece strong. As the Viewer gets caught in the confusion of all the text and information, they begin to experience that feeling of being lost and ovewhenlmed in the body and depths of information.
By seeing this post I appreciated a good example of how a designer should think in terms of the layout of type. How this can evoke feelings similar to the ideas of the actual text.

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