Thursday, October 22, 2015

Amaze-Balls_Katlego Phatlane
Phatlane says he hasn't classified his style because he feels
he doesn't have one yet. "Thats why I am constantly experimenting,"
he says. "I'm not comfortable yet, which in many ways is a good thing
because I'm always pushing myself."

Katlego Phatlane

A South African
designer who really enjoys making 3D typography.

he goes by Katt
When he's not at work he is doing personal projects that are primarily type driven.

Though some of his 3D work does appear to exist outside of the digital world it is all 100% computer generated.

In some ways it reminds me of a mix of Lex Wilsons 3D hand lettering with elements of  Sabeena Karnik 3D paper sculptures. 

 He beings by drawing out his basic design then just goes nuts on the computer. Check out his process on his Behance page. Then check out the rest of his work on there as well.

Katlego Phatlane
Katlego Phatlane
Katlego Phatlane
Katlego Phatlane
Katlego Phatlane

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