Thursday, October 29, 2015


After attending the lecture by John Newman, I was totally inspired to think outside the Epson paper boundaries when creating my designs. Even though this blog is full of 3D type ideas and designs, I still find myself stuck in the 2D mindset when it comes to my first round of brainstorming for any design silly is that? Thinking this way is completely limiting our design abilities, and no graphic designer should set limitations like this for themselves.  I've gathered a few designs featuring typography by designers who ditched the Epson printers and decided to get their hands dirty!

Type can be made out of anything you can think of you just need to try!

Here is great work by designer Lo Siento

D Typography was the result of orthogonally intersecting two protrusions from the same letter, allowing viewers to read it from at least two different positions relative to the letter.
Observers who would like to enjoy a particular piece of architecture are forced to move through and around it. As they do, the changing perspectives generate new spaces, in which light behaves in different ways. In this project, typography makes an effort to abandon its two-dimensional nature to act in a more architectural fashion. It does not resign itself to just a third dimension, but also takes on a fourth one for utmost readability. When the letters are hung, the reader can move around them to understand all their shapes.

Special lettering design for a features cover of “Wired” magazine in the UK.
We made the letters by injecting colored liquid into plastic bubble wrap.

 Ryuta Iida and Yoshihisa Tanaka

In their sculpture series “Oratorical Type,” artists Ryuta Iida and Yoshihisa Tanaka of art duo Nerhol have created an alphabet out of carved Japanese books.



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