Thursday, October 1, 2015


Typography has evolved into many different forms. From Kinetic type to Anamorphic type there is nothing it seems that Typography can't do. While scrolling through the numerous pages of possible blog topics, I came across an article from the Huffington Post that talks about Hongtao Zhou, an artist and professor from China. His recent project called "textscapes" is a tribute to the design progress China has made.

As we all have learned since the first day of this class, woodblock printing and moveable type can originally be dated back to about 600 AD in China; making early Chinese inventors, type masters. Unlike the methods of the early Chinese designers who actually carved the wood, Hongtao uses a 3D printer to create a similar feel of woodblock text. In his work, he turns a letter into a city and a story into a sculpture.

He sums up his work saying, "These documents make reading interactive for a general audience... [it's] knowledge as well as art," he added. "This series of work has text variations of braille, language characters, calligraphies and number systems to bridge the text and its visuality in architecture, landscape, portraits and abstract matters."

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