Friday, October 23, 2015

The Golden Section: How It's Actually Used

Apparently the Golden Section is something that is used everyday in nature, but most of us still have no clue what it actually is or does, we just know the ratio is 1: 1.618. We also know that it creates a spiral with a series of rectangles.

The main reason we learned what the Golden section was is because we are learning typography. So, in typography, the Golden Section is used amongst the relationship between the headers, body, etc. Another way the ratio is used is for cropping images. Basically, the ratio always has to be equivalent to 1.6!!!

The Golden Ratio is also used in logos and of course, layout:

In reality: the Golden Ratio is really important and shapes our work around us but it is a really tough aspect to grasp!

To further your knowledge on the Golden Ration/Section, head to design taxi:

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