Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bodoni Bold: The Parmigiano System

In 2013 designers Riccardo Olocco and Johnathan Pierini bicentenary of Giambattista Bodoni. 
Both Olocco and Pierini were colleagues at the Free University of Bolzano in Italy, and naturally they were fanboys of Bodoni's work. The system takes its name from Bodoni's home city of Parma Italy. The two worked tirelessly and expanded the seminole typeface into styles beyond the typical modern type face.Bodoni was updated into formats beyond Bodoni's lifestyle such as slab and sans serifs. 
    Inspired by Bodoni's 1818 second volume, Pierini and Olocco channeled Bodoni's international state of mind and created non-latin versions such as Hebrew, Arabic, Tibetan, Greek and even Ethiopian. To continue the unconventional, the group incorporated performance art, multimedia exhibitions, and videography.

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