Thursday, October 14, 2010

Excuse My French

I came across a French designer named Christophe Badani. I would tell you more about him but his website is in French, a language that I pretend to know, but actually do not. However, from my pathetic research attempts, I have gathered that he has designed a few fonts, one of them being Linotype Rough. I personally am attracted to this typeface because it has a whimsical hand done quality.

He has some really interesting illustrations that deal with type in a beautiful and organic way. Sometimes type terrifies me because it seems really foreign and scary like calculus or organic chemistry, but illustrations like this make me appreciate type as an art
form and give me hope that I'll be good at it one day! I really enjoy his illustrative style. The way the letterforms interact with one another reminds me of work by Jess Hische. It's sophisticated and fun at the same time.

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