Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just doing some perusing.

So I did not really have a theme or anything for this post other than things I thought were interesting and this is what I found...

Ron Thompson-
I really like his portfolio. Ron Thompson
works in a lot of different styles and flipping through his portfolio is quite interesting, I liked the Royal Elastics campaign the most because of all the different hand done type treatments he explores within it. I also really like the fact he takes the hand done approach and applies it in many different ways throughout the brand's posters and magazine spreads.
+ his "Stop
Breathing" label at the top is also a lot of fun, and I think it's cool that he can stay true to himself with his design, and he includes personal illustrations at the top of his list of works. He also worked for Kanye West, what could be cooler than that.

His Exopolis work is what initially caught my attention....

I also came across the work of BVD after their Smicker-Dubblera letterheads/business cards
caught my attention. Simple, clean, and bright. I liked it.

BVD also worked on the Swedish Design Award identity.

I also found Think Studio, and really liked their id
entity for Porcupine Group. I liked the way they mimicked the shape and color of porcupine quills within their typographic solution.

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