Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weave Me a Web, Charlotte

Hand skills are a HUGE part of graphic design. However, between all the cutting and gluing and measuring and paper cuts and hunching over our projects moving as slow as earthworms I have often found myself longing for the days of 3D. Horrible, I know. This is, however, the reason for my post of....a typeface made from weaving! I found this little gem on behance (of course) made by the French design firm Zim and Zou.

The shapes that the string creates within creating the letter form itself is what makes the typeface all the more interesting. Yes some letter forms are a little more graceful than others and it would really only work on a larger scale but the thing that makes the type so amazing is that it has depth (in the photographic images at least).

Of course I might be completely bias because I am obsessed with all things handmade. However, if your not as cool as me I believe that the beauty of the type is still undeniable.

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