Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sara Blake's Awesomeness

While perusing abuzeedo (a great site for inspiration--specifically their typography section which can be seen here), I came across the works of Sara Blake, also known as (ZSO). I enjoy her aesthetic and style a lot, as well as admire how far she's come as a designer. For some of her works, she posts videos of the process that her work goes through.

I think it's important to share process. Watching someone work can be inspiring, as well as teach you a few things. It also enables you to delve further into the creator's mind frame when they create their work.

I feel like that's something that's been pushed a lot so far in junior year--the idea of putting up a lot of work during critiques this way you can follow the train of thought and development. Showing how you went from one stage to another. Process is also progress. You can learn so much from watching your own progress--seeing where you might need improvement, where to back track, or what works best for you.

I also just really love seeing works come to life. Enjoy!

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