Monday, October 4, 2010

A Place for Inspiration

For this blog post I thought I might suggest a place to get great daily inspiration for Typography, Design, Hand drawn type, even collage - but mostly type. I check this blog out pretty regularly and can find myself getting lost in its archives -

Normally the entries are interesting takes on well known phrases, song lyrics, old wives tales, quotes etc. It's always awesome to see how some of these artists pick a direction and run with type.

The site also features links to the artists' websites so you can follow up with viewing the rest of their portfolio if you see a type treatment you like.

Here's a few treatments that caught my eye while scrolling through the first few pages :

Nice and clean curlycues
death of the dictionary
computers take on hand done with highlighter
just nice
clean, funny, soft
Spend about five minutes on The Friends of Type and you will surely see the amount of work uploaded into that blog, enough work to fuel many many ideas to come. Hope this helps somebody stuck in a creative rut.

P.S. two typographers I found through the site that I am a big fan of now are:
Ed Nacional -
Jon Contino -

And there you have it, for your viewing pleasure.

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