Sunday, October 24, 2010

Looking Back

So, I've noticed how interested I am in with looking back at old typography. I think its super interesting when I see new and innovative typographic solutions. But, I think what I'm more recently really into is looking back to create something new. The letter press is becoming really popular, as you can see from out blog, which is what made typography in the past possible. The nineteenth century is an era that has really caught my attention. This is one image that I really enjoy:

While browsing the internet I discovered "19th Century Clipper Cards." I read into them and they were small cards used to advertise Clipper Ships that would take people from one port to another. They're really great little pieces of typography and the images are awesome too.

This is one that I really like("Wealthy Pendleton"). I think that the hierarchy works really well. We're learning a lot about hierarchy in Type class and I think that these are good sources of examples.

Here is another pretty one that uses a lot of ornaments ("Pearl"):

There are also some funny ones that incorporate the imagery well.

Here is a link to the Flickr account where I found the rest of the Clipper Cards:
Here is a link for the history of Clipper Cards:

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