Sunday, October 3, 2010

La Mujer Murcielago and Montgomery Park


I was having dinner at El-Rey (19th & Chestnut) and this poster caught my eye. That G is pretty awesome as well as the way the Rs and G extend below the baseline. I've been thinking a lot about hand drawn type, especially on an angle like this (although, I'm not 100% that this poster was hand lettered or not). Maybe it was the festive atmosphere, but the type seems very alive and active in the space even with so much going on around it.

Montgomery Park, the former home of the Montgomery Ward Catalog House and Retail Store in Baltimore, has a great art deco sign. The building opened in 1925 and the typeface chosen for the sign is a wonderfully squared-off sans serif. The warm red glow of neon welcomes you to Baltimore and softens the hard angles. I rode past this sign again last night and thought that it was a good choice for a department store. It is welcoming and inviting, stable, sturdy and reliable but underneath is all, it means business.

*apologizes for the grainy cellphone pics.

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