Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Typographic Logos

This week I had been thinking a lot about how simple logos, especially typographic logos can become such famous icons. Who would have guess that a simple "M" could represent the most famous restaurant in the world? Imagine designing a mark that would represent a company so well, thatit'd dedicated customers would get it tatooed to their own bodies. That is the case for many with the Harley Davidson logo. This type blog , is all about regular designers, who hit the jackpot on their logos with the help of some good marketing to make some of the most famous logos the world has seen.

These last two images are along the lines of letterpress. The movie
we watched last week had gotten me interested so I decided to do some research. I stumbled upon a few photos that used metal type as the subject in a photograph without setting or printing with the actual type at all. It was a different and modern way of using these pieces of metal. The last photo is a nice example of what looks like to me, perfect kerning. The last two imag
es are from two paper dolls, whose studio is located in Wayne.

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