Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anamorphic Typography

For those of us fortunate enough to attend Paula Scher's lecture last spring, we were blown away by her obnoxiously gifted design ability. One of her pieces that stuck out the most to me was her giant optical illusions of bathroom logos. Ever since, Ive been memorized with the idea of images that take pleasure in messing with peoples minds. So imagine my joy when I stumbled across the work of Joseph Egan, a London based graphic designer who works with anamorphic typography.

Egan wanted to break graphic design out of its two dimensional prison and remind the world that typography is capable of existing in a three dimensional world as well. (Hence the phrase: It's more than just a print". As you walk down the corridor, you are followed by broken up streaks of red running along the walls. However, when you reach the end of the hallway, and look back, the message becomes visible.

Its fascinating to see how seemingly arbitrary strokes of color on the walls actually form a message but you can only read it if you're in the right location.

a metaphor.
for life...

Another fun example three dimensional typography is this piece by Richard J Evans. I'm a pretty weird person and find sculptures of letters to be really freaking cool. Something that I've only seen flat on paper is now in alive in a space. What I like most about this piece is classic serif letter forms that he used and how nice it flows together. I highly recommend everybody check this out.

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