Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wow! (Type) Gorillas

In honor of the Bristol Zoo's 175th anniversary, the zoo initiated a public art event which commissioned 60 artists to transform a life-sized gorilla statue in order to raise money and awareness for gorilla conservation. Tom Lane and Ged Palmer teamed up to create an award-winning typographic solution. I really love how they handled the type, especially how they worked the type into the contours of the gorilla's body with such ease. They have basically created a 3d poster which is an awesome concept.

The design was based around the a butcher's diagram, and is hand lettered facts about the bush-meat trade in Africa.

Another really neat aspect of this creation is how they presented it. After they finished with the type they covered the sculpture in a heat sensitive paint. Throughout the day, the sun warmed the paint and the typography underneath became visible. When it cooled down the type disappeared to emphasize the disappearance of gorillas in the wild.

While looking at the portfolios of the Tom and Ged, I found some really cool stuff.
Tom Lane- This is an illustration in his portfolio I feel completely in love with.
Some interesting type sketches from Ged Palmer's portfolio

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