Thursday, October 6, 2011

Periodic Tables of...Stuff.

Okay, well here's an interesting something I found via the Behance Network. This periodic Table of Typefaces was designed by Cam Wilde and features some of the 100 most used type faces by graphic designer. Not only is it nice to look at and a cool idea, it might also help you finish your projects.

In addition to that periodic table at the Behance Network, I would like to link you guys to the Behance Network itself.

It's a social networking site for professional artists that allows you to upload your work, have others comment on it, and hopefully find jobs through the thing(heh). Some Tyler alumni have already joined, in fact- here is some nice type work from Danielle Miller, and here's some nice design from Kathryn Feryok.

And here's another periodic table that serves as a neat example of how you can use type and preexisting visual schemes to mess with people's expectations.

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