Thursday, October 20, 2011

Images That Really Say Something

I think typography interests me most when it is treated as both image and very legible type. It's probably the art student in me that wants everything on the page to be as integrated as possible, and type that isn't actually made up of two-dimensional letterforms has always been very striking to me.

In my search for typography that has that dual legibility, I found one designer who definitely makes image and type inseparable.

Sean Freeman creates these typographically, and visually, beautiful pieces, saying that while pretty much anyone can create visually arresting typography, he works very hard to retain legibility. Some of his pieces are more conceptual like the above piece, while others are just very beautiful to look at:

His website is also really nice, and you can really see up close just how impeccably he crafts his letterforms.

Along the same vein, I came across the same idea of literally integrating type into imagery, but this time in a different medium. Designers Stefan Sagmeister and Hillman Curtis created this awesome short video advertising the movie they're both directing: "The Happy Film". This one was really interesting to me because of the way, in this case, type becomes mobile. Like Freeman's work, the type becomes the image.

The Happy Film

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