Monday, October 10, 2011

Typography Served

This is an awesome link from an even more awesome website. It highlights a few hand done alphabets that are all, without exception really gorgeous. It's interesting because the alphabets all utilize different ways of creating type, despite them all being very illustrative display fonts. Some are based around line creating letter, while other are based around a very shape-centric method. And then some of them are illustrated type in the sense that they're almost more type than illustration. My favorite was the second and third one. I think the second one is based around an interesting concept. It's clearly based on the color blindness tests where pictures are composed of different colored circles. I think it's funny to think that if you used that font to type something out, and someone with a form of colorblindness read it, that action sort of exemplifies the concept while totally disregarding the point of typography. They'd be essentially doing a color blindness test while reading the font, but they wouldn't be able to read it correctly, per se. In that way, it does or doesn't communicate what it was meant to. I then really enjoy the second one because it seems to be based on muscular structures. I have a soft spot for anatomical studies and the like - I took Anatomy in high school - and this type, weirdly, is made of muscles. It'd be more interesting if the musculature of the letters was based off a supposed function ability that they would have if letters were organisms; where flexion and extension muscles would be.

Also just to add, is just a really fantastic site overall for inspiration and seeing what's out there in terms of possibility in regards to type. Also check out the nepali typefaces article on their main page now. It's super interesting to see how things like serif, san serif, and different type movements (humanist, modern, etc.) are interpreted and handles by something as different from english as nepalese.

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