Friday, October 7, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Our computer has become ubiquitous with modern design. It is the tool of our trade and we study the correct keystrokes to create our designs. What would it be like if there were no macs in the computer lab? Where would I be without my macbook pro? How could I live without my ipod? Steve Jobs passed away this week and it would behoove us not to mention how vital he has become to us designers.

Rest in peace to Steve, the force behind all the awesome products I enjoy on a daily basis. I agree with this article; that Steve Jobs was in his own right a designer. Apple products have a modern, minimalist design with a limited color palette that is very visually appealing. I think that may be part of the reason we, as designers are attracted to mac products in general.

On a lighter note: if you are into politics, and if are a supporter of the President you may find this poster contest interesting. (I may enter this: trying to be "politically correct" here.)

Finally this article did make me laugh, because comic sans should be purged from this earth. It is the visual equivalent; of getting punched in the eye. When I see it being used I immediately judge whichever fool would use it (unless they are using it ironically, to point out how awful it is).

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