Thursday, September 26, 2013

40 Days of Dating, Invitations and type on the human form

The first link is a website I found over the summer and I thought would fit well for this blog. These two NYC designers who both were unlucky in love found themselves single at the same time and decided to date for 40 days. This website chronicles their experiences with videos and daily questionnaires. Now how this relates to typography...Each of the 40 days has two unique type designs giving dating advice. Some of the text appears to be hand done along with the illustrations. These are not only funny sayings but the type styles and colors create a dynamic grid and element for the website. The typography transforms what could have been an interesting experiment into a stand out project.

This second link features beautiful wedding invitations with hand done type. You're always used to seeing tacky overdone wedding invites with tiny script fonts. These invitations combine wittiness and great design. They have a more modern feel and relate more to the interests and personalities of the couple. 

Speaking of weddings below is the link to Jessica Hische's interactive wedding invite. You may have already seen it but it's pretty cool. I figured I would share this since she is a Tyler celebrity.

Here is a different approach to type, one that is not on paper. This Spanish design group did a tribute to iconic typefaces such as Helvetica and Caslon by painting women's faces with the letters. This is a beautiful and unique expression of letterform that can be admired on the human form. It allows the font to be admired somewhere other than paper that also combines many art forms. 

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