Thursday, September 19, 2013


"Dan Fleming is a British/Australian graphic designer who works in brand identity and logo design. These images look like they could be the perfect logos for a future zoo redesign or inspiration for motion graphics on Animal Planet."

Dan Flemming is killing the field of word animals. At first you are like, that is a cute skunk! Then you realize it also says skunk. He does a ton of cute logo/branding.

Even his logo is tight.

*lauren west*

Also, check out these logos with hidden symbols and meanings!

Logo features an arrow shaped smile that represents customer satisfaction and reflects Amazon’s goal to sell every product from A to Z.

United States’ oldest Division I college athletic conference expended to 11 teams and their logo was modified to reflect the change.

Clever logo designed for a rock band from Vancouver, Canada

The name of the company means crossroads in French. The logo features the letter “C” between two arrows that point in different directions.

Brilliant logo designed by Mike Erickson for an airline company.

Creative logo designed by Judd Madden for E2 Consulting.

Cool logo designed by Gianni Bortolotti for Italian electric company.

Creative logo designed from different parts of the number eight.

This timeless logo was designed by Herb Lubalin back in 1980.

Negative space between the letters “E” and “X” creates an arrow.

Negative space in the middle creates the shape of the number one.

Memorable logo designed by Lemika for Giraffe design studio.

Goodwill’s logo is a stylized letter “g” that doubles as a smiling face.

Elegant logo by Euan MacKenzie features two wine glasses.

LG logo features winking smiley face. ;)


Brilliant logo designed for a ski resort represents a mammoth, a mountain, and even a ski trail.

Boudewijn Vermolen incorporated the word “nerd” inside “modern”.

One of the world’s most popular logos features a peacock looking to the right to show that the company is looking forward, not back.

Portraits photos shows that one person is standing in front of camera. Creative logo for portrait photography studio by Atakan Se├žkin.

Creative logo designed for a Dutch financial advice company.

Cool symmetrical logo designed for a rock climbing clothing brand.

Popular logo designed by Vaughan Pratt features four interleaved copies of the word sun and can be read from any direction.

The image of a bear is hidden in the Matterhorn mountain symbolizing the town where the first Toblerone chocolate bar was created.

Canadian rail service features train tracks in the middle of their logo.

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