Thursday, September 12, 2013


I'm not gonna lie. I love illustration. I love line and color and things that pack a graphic punch, and while basic, well set type is needed, why not do something more... awesome with what you're given? Words set is tiny sizes become a line, and larger letter forms can use their negative space to create highlights and shadows. And those basic horizontal vertical directions for your type? Out the window. Put these together and you've given yourself a pencil. Add color and you've given yourself a paintbrush.

These are some of the (in my opinion) coolest portraits painted in words. Some are by professionals, some by students, all awesome.

Dylan Roscover source  
Jonas Fleuraime source
LaviTheKID source
Sergio Moctezuma source
Matt Williams source
So there you have it. There were so many amazing ones I had to pick and choose so didn't flood the blog. But seriously, go searching for some of these. For every one I put in here there were twenty more worth seeing.

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