Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kinetic Typography

By Kat Kreischer

We use the written word to tell stories, evoke different emotions, and to express ourselves. Designers can emphasize their message using well thought out Typography, as we all know. The way a word looks and how it is placed tells us a lot about the meaning behind it. Well, there is another element that can help translate a message: time. 

Kinetic typography is the art and technique of animating text as a form of expression. The timing in which a viewer sees a sentence or word can have an amazing effect on how the phrase is understood and interpreted. Since each person reads sentences and blocks of text differently, animating the text in such a manner can allow them to read it as it was intended to be read, with the proper pauses and emphases, mimicking the spoken word. Research has even proved that the timing in which text is presented both captures a viewer’s attention and can actually improve reading performance.


Here is a video that uses a single phrase and animations to emphasize its meaning. 

So I decided to finish with this particular piece. I liked this one because, although the speaker, Ira Glass, is talking about writing, it applies to all creative work, as he says in the beginning. I wanted to throw this in here because I know I needed to hear this at this point in the semester. What I find so great about this video is that if we were just reading this block of text, we'd still find inspiration in it. However, seeing it in this manner drives the message home and allows us to have a better appreciation of it.

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