Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Type Faces Project

                   Tiago Pinto’s amazing "Type Face Project" is the result of time away from his advertising job and his obsession with font. In 2011, Tiago Pinto, a Portuguese designer, decided to start a fun side project where he decided to play with type in Illustrator.

“In the summer of 2011, during a month off between leaving my agency in Lisbon and coming to Amsterdam I decided to start playing with typography and forms.”

            He had no particular rationale or concept behind what he wanted to do, he just knew he wanted to experiment with typography. He started playing with the word “Typeface”/”Type Face”, and thought how interesting it would be to have a face for every typeface, made up of their own characters! He started with the typeface Myriad Pro (the default font on Adobe Applications), and did a default/normal face.

            Turning Futura, Times New Roman, Courier and other familiar types into bold portraits, he comments “For me every Font has a face. So Bodoni is the Italian with a moustache, Futura is the stylish and good looking mid-life man, Times New Roman… well you got the point…”

            He ended up trying to give every font a face—according to the way they were perceived in his head, if the font had a personality, or a face. And so came the birth of The Type Faces Project

            So where does he see this project going? Tiago says, “Nine (9) is a number that I specially like, so The Type Faces Project will be completed when I reach nine Type Faces per category— 9 Sans-Serif’s, 9 Serif’s and 9 Miscellaneous (among Dingbats, Stencil, Calligraphic, etc).” 

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