Thursday, September 12, 2013

Emo typography

You know that your good friend is sad when you look into their face, you can almost touch it when you smell the negative energy emerge from them. Typography does the same thing when it is made to show a fear, a smile, or just a drop of tear. I like to illustrate and most of my illustrations include scene that evoke certain emotion or mood according to the subject matter. Using emotions in typography probably plays the most important part of my learning process because I can relate so much better when some come to me and tell me that my design or illustration is sad or creepy. Here are some interesting design using typography to convey emotions. 


No Lies Just Love by Jordan Metcalf

So typography can be emo if you want them to be or anything you can think of. To lighten up this a bit let watch a short Kinetic Typography video. I personally think it's powerful and a good inspirational piece of work, sometimes you just need to have fun with Typography.

laugh, smile a bit.

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