Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's Just a Piece Paper.

I first found Julene Harrison's work in the "Little Book of Type" by Emily Gregory. (For anyone who hasn't heard of this book, it rocks. It tells you how all of our favorite typographers transform their sketches to mind-blowing illustrations and typefaces). Julene Harrison's work stood out to me not only because of her intricate designs, but because of her craft. What I think is really awesome is how she sticks to classic typefaces, but makes them her own. I also thought it was mind-blowing that her pieces are painstakingly cut out of one sheet of paper and all the parts are connected. Another aspect to consider is her work is dependent on how it is photographed. These pieces are published online and in print, so the only way to reproduce these while maintaining its delicate character is very good photography. The shadow behind the paper is essential to show the viewer it is a cut out piece of paper.

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