Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Apple's Fonts

Apple products and designers have a strong bond. Apple's advertising campaign that put them back on the map in the early 2000's was type driven. So how does this major corporation appeal to one of it's major markets, designer's typographically?

Apple Computer Inc. was established in 1976. We're very familiar with the Apple logo as it is now, but they have come a long way. Originally the logo was based on Issac Newton under the apple tree. It's a beautiful detailed illustration done in black and white by Ronald Wayne. Apple Computer Co. is placed on top of a banner and there's some text alongside the border. Because it was hand done they did not have a font for this logo, but it is comparable to Caslon.

Soon after the famous apple was created around the font Motter Tektura, designed by Rob Janoff. It was based around the company's identity of accessible, but high technology. The font was considered modern with the new idea of removing the dot from the i. The bite mark was created to fit around the a of the Motter Tektura font.

In 1984 Apple's new campaign included a logo with colors and a reorganization of text. It removed the apple from Motter Tektura to stand alone with the tagline "Think Different" underneath. The font was a custom version of Garamond called Apple Garamond.

In 2002 Apple re-launched a new identity based on the font Adobe Myriad. It was slightly changed for Apple which they called, you guessed it, Apple Myriad. It was bold, yet simple. Other than Apple Myriad it isn't uncommon for Apple to dabble in Helveltica Neue, also a very bold simple sans serif.

Is it a coincidence that Apple chose to use Helveltica, One of the most favored fonts in the design world? Not at all. This was a smart artistic direction. Apple has a strong aesthetic, which artists appreciate. It's no shock designer's tend to be brand loyal.

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