Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mary Kate McDevitt

Mary Kate McDevitt is an illustrator, hand lettering wizard, and Tyler Graduate. She graduated in 2007 and currently lives in Brooklyn working as a freelance illustrator and hand letterer.
Her past clients include Chronicle Books, Sesame Street, Fast Company, Nintendo, Harper Collins, Adobe, CMYK Magazine, Parade Magazine, AARP, Better Homes & Gardens, O Magazine, Woman's Day, United States Postal Service, Baltimore Magazine, Westwood College, Milwaukee Magazine, Field and Stream Magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Hand-Eye Supply, Help Ink and more.
I think she has been wildly successful since graduating, something that makes me really proud to be at Tyler. But what I really like about her is her amazingly whimsical handling of Typography.
She gets her inspiration from vintage letter forms, usually hunting through flea markets for old tins, antique type books and other vintage ephemera. Once she has an idea of what she wants the piece to feel like, she does several sketches until she is satisfied with the outcome. Once she has her sketch she scans it into illustrator and traces the image.
All of her work is positive and really fun, and her blog offers a lot of great tips on how her process works. From what I've read she is very friendly and helpful when answering questions.
She also is going to be teaching a class on skillshare where she will be instructing her students on Hand Lettering. It's only 20 dollars for the online class, and if you read her blog you'll find a 15% off coupon! Her work is so uplifting-- something I think we all need right about now!

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