Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Three-Dimensional Lettering

Three Dimensional Lettering takes type to the next level.  It allows the designer to experiment and allows for freedom beyond traditional forms of lettering.  One example of this type of lettering is called quilling.  This involves rolling strips of paper and gluing them to a paper or card background.  It is a very precise and meticulous art but the end results are beautiful.  One designer that creates typographic art in this way is Yulia Brodskaya.  Her works are beautifully intricate as she illustrates the words with paper.

Another way of three dimensional lettering is through paper cutting.  Bianca Chang creates hollowed out letterforms by cutting sheets of paper, some pieces comprising over 200 sheets of paper.  These letterforms are extremely crisp and beautiful.
Then there is someone like Owen Gildersleeve, who cuts paper in a completely different way in order to create illustration that compliments the text.  He uses a scalpel to cut into layers of colored paper and card.  

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