Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Type in Our Hands

It’s crazy to be not only growing up in a time where type is evolving so much but it’s even crazier to be first hand experiencing it. Not only designers have this first hand opportunity but the change is now so accessible. The new iOS 7 phone from apple has now brought our once bulky phone with huge number keys to something sleek and now dynamic/interactive. Now the controversy between how the Helvetica Neue Ultra Light looks will remain a constant twitter debate between designers, there is no doubt that this new update changes type from here on out.   “Apple has built a complete, robust physics and particle engine for iOS 7. Elements don't just go from point A to point B, they move through a "real" world. They react to the accelerometer and gyroscope, they collide and bounce off each other and with the edges of the display, and they can change color according to the environment around them. They behave like objects in space, and interact like objects in a game.” Blogger Rene Ritchie writes on the new hot topic. I couldn’t agree more. As our digital world is progressing, type needs to evolve just as quickly, and it is. The future of type really does lie right in our hands.


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