Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fortunato Depero and the Italian Futurists

The Italian Futurists were EXTREMELY radical. They ran for office with Mussolini, promoted war, and literally wanted to flip our world upside down. They designed everything from tapestries, furniture, restaurants with exotic meals, and clothes to help promote their radical visions. Most importantly they revolted against the rules of design. The ringleader of the movement was Marienetti, but his wingman was Fortunato Depero who was one of the most influential designers of the time. Not a lot of people have heard of him because he was the underdog compared to Marienetti. However he has influenced our lives as designers and people.

Depero designed a WIDE range of products (theater set design, type pavilion buildings, clothes, and furniture just to name a few). One of my favorite things he did was create a language to communicate with machines. Today we call this “onomatopoeia”. He expressed this new language with unique layouts that broke all design rules we know today and he knew of the time. In the ‘20’s he left his beloved Italy for New York City and worked at Conde Naste to design covers for some of our favorite magazines including Vogue and the New Yorker.

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