Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Handwritten Letting

I have always loved handwritten lettering. It is elegant, beautiful, unique and creative in the most inspiring ways.  Handwriting skills have always seemed unobtainable to me.

I went to public school.  I have a lot of bitter feelings towards the public education system, because skills that were once deemed important to learn no longer fit a specific agenda (this is also one of the many reasons I left public education to pursue a major in the arts).  One of these skills I never really mastered was handwriting.  I know catholic schools value this delicate skill, and in my life it is my greatest regret.  I wanted to learn, but a couple months in third grade are not exactly sufficient enough practice to become a masterful calligrapher.  I was jealous of my catholic school friends for having such beautiful writing skills.  I wish there had been a nun to pester me about the proper way to hold a pencil, because as a creative individual, my almost deformity in the way I hold a pencil had been the bane of my existence (most people think I look left handed when I write or draw, I'm not, and the smudging I leave is hell).

I respect people that can take such stagnant type and create them into free-flowing picturesque works of art.  The flourishes are so delicate and intricate that they create a beauty I could never achieve with my caveman style of writing.

Being a Tyler student also means learning about successful designers; of course you hear about Jess Hische.

My envy grows greater.  Her work is absolutely spectacular.  She has the skills I dream about.  If only there is a formula or method to create such decorative script by hand.  I'm certain she never had issues holding a pencil like I do.

Thankfully for people like me, there is illustrator.  She may have the hand skills I don't but she has perfected the use of a program that makes the beautiful flourishes without the wonky shapes an unsteady hand can bring.  There is hope for the uncoordinated yet, though it may not have the texture and personality you can achieve with hand skills.

If there is one obstacle I can overcome, it would be this mountain of a hurdle: to refine my hand skills so that I can leave Tyler proud that I could one day show off my own gorgeous hand lettering.


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