Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Type Camp

For those of you who love typography and want to explore it further, never fear, there's a Type camp available for you to attend! There are several locations, including camps in Vancouver, California, Ireland, India, and Ashville. Each camp specializes in different things relating to typography. For example, the camp in Vancouver focuses on calligraphy and hand lettering, and the camp in California focuses on creative typography. Some of the camps try and incorporate the local culture into the lessons about typography. The sessions range from two day workshops to about weeklong camps.
There are three camp formats designed to fit what kind of experience you would hope to have. First off, there's a relaxing countryside retreat setting which provides housing and meals. Type Camp claims on their website, "We create a relaxing environment for learning that is specifically structured to reinvigorate your creativity." For those who are hitting a roadblock on their creative highway, this peaceful setting could be just the thing! At this kind of camp, there are type related activities all day with little outings and other activities thrown in the mix, such a trip to the local vineyard.
The second kind of camp is a cultural immersion camp that is a little less serene and strives to introduce a cultural context to the knowledge and design of the participants. There are more excursions around the area of the camp and local design experts are brought in to help guide the workshops. The website states, "A dedicated experience of the area's typography and design culture is created through workshops, seminars, and demonstrations with the Type Camp staff and visiting instructors.
The third kind of camp is called a professional urban training camp and is only a few days long. It consists of seminars and workshops in cities for those who don't have the time to go to a full-length camp. These camps are more specific and according to the Type Camp website, "These events are focused on specific subjects such as complex typesetting, hand-generated lettering, or the burgeoning world of web type." The camps are 8 hours of instruction time each day with lunch and snacks included.

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