Monday, October 15, 2012

D.Billy Site Interventions

As I was looking through various typographic artists, I came across an artist that used type in an unconventional way.  An artist by the name D. Billy uses type in the environment to change or emphasize the meaning of certain objects.  His site interventions take place in a city setting, such as  in alley ways and subways, places of no importance.  he brings humor and color to such places and gives them significance.  

Most of his works express the sound an object makes or the movement.

Most of the time, D. Billy does not try to make type beautiful, he is more concerned with making type blend in with the environment in a funny way and is concerned with the meaning of the type more than how it looks.  He uses tape, paint, balloons and other cheap and odd materials to create his typography. 

D.Billy's nicer typography can be seen in his collages and printed works.  He has a very comic book and layered looking style.  D.Billy combines found type with handwritten type to give a very playful quality to his work.  His print work reflects the humorous and colorful style of his site interventions.  

Check out his work at 

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