Monday, October 15, 2012

Type as image

Craig ward is a graphic designer that plays with words. I love his work because he really understands how to make type speak not only by what it literally says, but by what it shows. He doesn't just write with type he draws with it, expressing its meaning through the way it looks.

There is a nice balance between showing what the words mean and how readable they are.
It  shows enough to get the point across, without being difficult to understand.

His work is simple, but in its simplicity it expresses the basic emotion and meaning of the words; no need for fancy drawings or fancy type arrangements, everything is minimal and direct as if to not distract from its meaning.

Once again his work is so simple, but its simplicity is what makes it clear to understand, not because the type is easier to read but because we are not distracted by extra information that could hide the meaning of the words. there is always just enough information to show what it wants to show and to make you feel what it wants you to feel.

Great type artists that really makes one wish to be better with type.

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