Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is less really less?

I might say so, but spanish illustrator/typographer/designer/god Alex Trochut would say otherwise.

In my opinion, and from what I've seen, the philosophy amongst most designers these days is to focus on simplicity and minimalism. I personally prefer to work in this way; I think that because graphic design is essentially visual communication, whatever message you are trying to get across should be easy to read... it really shouldn't take long to figure out. The worst thing is losing a viewer's attention. That's when you know for certain that the design has failed.

But what can you do to entice the viewer? To make it so that it's not so easy? You need to have great artistic ability to pull this off, and when if you do, it's actually a good way of bragging. "Hey. Look how good I am with letters. It's going to take a minute for you to see this."

When does illustration become graphic design? Is there a concrete distinction? I guess graphic design can be considered a raw process. We deal a lot with layout, systems, grids, etc. But the integration of illustration into clean design is a great way to be unique. Alex Trochut is a mastermind at this. His works demonstrate so many skills and styles that it's impossible to call him simply a designer. Trochut most certainly believes that more is more. His brilliantly detailed execution of clever ideas set him apart from all modern typographic artists. It's hard to see how he ever can stop working on a single piece. He goes over the top and thinks completely outside the box. He has worked for as many big-name clients as you can think of. This is because his work is ever-changing and always progressing.

If you want to want to lose track of time for a little while, take a look through his impressive portfolio.

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