Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The first time I ever heard of Steven "ESPO" Powers is when i read his book "The Art of Getting Over"which is about the history of Graffiti and some of its most important and influential writers. Powers was born in Philadelphia and lived here until 1994 when he moved to New York City. ESPO ended his graffiti career in 1999 and Steven Powers began to focus on studio art. Powers has gained world wide notoriety for his Murals in Philadelphia, Dublin, Belfast and many other cities. His work has also been featured in 2.75 shows (according to his website).

Personally I am a fan of ESPO and his awesome Philly hand style, but also his ambitious New York City storefront gate paintings. Steven Powers personal works are very witty and hilarious while his murals are not the typical lame messages, but slogans that are a bit more thought out in execution and appearance. All of which have a quasi pop-art, 1950's signage feel and his illustrations only compliment the type.


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