Friday, October 5, 2012

Eat Your Words

When one thinks of typography usually the first thing that comes to mind is computer designing, and formal fonts.. well at least for me it does. In Anna Garforth's work, this is certainly not the case. Anna is a mixed media artist who focuses on type, but not just any kind of type. Her work is constantly pushing the boundaries of how type is physically made and how that changes the message that is being said. Anna experiments with all kinds of mediums, from moss to dough and even duct tape. By combining formal elements of good type choices and creative ways to make them, she is able to come up with some interesting and unexpected solutions to get whatever message she intends across.

I think Anna is pretty relevant and really useful to people that are just beginning in typography. Her work allows you to detach any baggage you may know that comes with "good type," and allows you to really get into her images and question exactly how she is making them. Even though her creative processes are unexpected, she still is able to create readable and impacting pieces that bring excitement and overal fun back to modern day type. All of her projects have some specific meanings associated with them, but she finds a way to mesh her love of type and design with the communicative purpose that graphic design usually incorporates.

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